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Doors for New LA Cathedral

Type of Industry: Automated doors for Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

Details of equipment:

Sculpted cathedral doors weighing 20,000 lbs., 120,000 in/lbs. Spec life is 500 years.

Details of original drive:

New project. 2 hp input, 1.9 rpm final output. Direct Drive.

Details of Dorris replacement drive:

407TRC40 with worm input (3)
215TRC40 with worm input (2)

How has the Dorris simplified, condensed, etc. the customer’s overall drive package?

Original specs had double worm with 2:1 chain on output and torque limiter on output shaft.

Why did Dorris get the order?

Simpler design, lower cost than original concept. Allows torque limiter to be moved to Dorris input shaft with major cost and space savings.

cathedral1                 cathedral2

Msgr. Kevin Kostelnik knocks on the bronze doors of Los Angeles' new cathedral.

Courtesy of L.A. Times

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