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Aircraft Manufacturer Personnel Lift

Type of Industry : Man-Lift -- Aircraft manufacturer

Details of equipment:

Personnel lifts for a riveting application of some aircraft parts.

Details of original drive:

Screw jacks were originally requested, but supplied the wrong speed for the lift.

Details of Dorris replacement drive:

Due to the maximum input speed of a worm gear screw jack being 1800 rpm, we requested a special ratio from Dorris in a 203TL which would support the 5000 lbs. load on the thrust bearings. The ball screw was attached to the 203TL output shaft with a hard coupling. 203TL05 with C-Face kit and special ratio.


Dorris Gear Drive: 203TLXXCF Series (Vertical Mount)
203TL03 W/ Special K20308-1 1/2 - 4 Shaft Kit & AD-25 Motor Adaptor (213TC)
Rated HP: 28.4 hp @ 1750 rpm input


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